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Parenting Child Number Two

While writing these lines, I'm on the fourth of my five-month paternity leave. When we got our first baby, I couldn't really afford to take a more extended break as Julia was in the middle of her Masters's Degree, and I had just started after university. I, therefore, enjoy this time even more. Taking care of a toddler and an eight-year-old certainly has its challenges with a lot of joy, despair, surprise, exhaustion, pride, and sometimes even boredom but a lot of confirmation.

Liquid Reply

In 2020 I and my friends Max Körbächer and Alex Baier had the idea of founding a Kubernetes- and Cloud Native-focused consultancy. Coming from an AWS shop, we realized an ever-increasing demand by customers. We made a business plan, convinced people that this was the right thing to do, and talked to relevant people to help us. In late 2020 we started as "Liquid Reply" as a part of the Reply Network. Since then, we have grown to 26 people, have roughly a dozen customers, and help those with Kubernetes Platform engineering, Software Development, and taming cloud cost by introducing FinOps practices.


I used to program in Golang- professionally and as a hobby for quite a while. I wrote tooling, servers, Kubernetes controllers, and other wanky stuff... I recently took that course on edx, which hooked me with WebAssembly. A whole new world that needs to be explored. The entire ecosystem felt like Kubernetes six years ago. Exciting!


During my last vacation on the Island of Juist, I stumbled across a series of writings by Mitchell Hashimoto about a new language called Zig. I was very interested in it because Zig claims to be a "safer" way to write C (due to a novel way of managing memory). The language has a compelling build system (you can also use Zigs build system for other languages like Go or Rust). Furthermore, Zig maintains WebAssembly and Wasi as first-class build targets. It compiles to relatively wasm files, making it an excellent addition to my other current interest. 🤓

Last update 23 May 2022